A brief introduction to the manager and owner of Falmouth Boat Hire Company

Anthony Devereux
Manager / Head Boatman

Anthony began his career at Falmouth Boat Hire when he was a teenager after growing up in the fishing village of Flushing. During his time at the company Anthony has worked under three owners of the boat hire. Starting as a cleaner, Anthony began taking on more roles over the years and was promoted to Manager after he performed consistently well in a position of leadership following the sudden departure of staff as well as his surprising talents as a boatman and engineer. 


He swiftly began a 3 month advertisement campaign via social media with Alice Nightingale Design that rapidly transformed the business and now confidently maintains a welcoming environment, high levels of customer service and a source of local knowledge. He is a known and trusted character on the Quay by authorities and fellow tradespeople alike, often referred to as "Tinkerbell". His trusty sea stallion "Iowa" (not the one with 16 inch guns...) is only minutes away in the rare event you encounter a problem with the boat! 

"Self-Drive" Steve Langmaid

Mr. Steven Langmaid began his work life as a butcher working for his father here in Cornwall. Later into his life Steve started Fowey Boat Hire and began his experience into the world of boat hire. Twenty-two years later and Steve is now the owner of Fowey and Falmouth Boat Hire maintaining Cornish traditions such as warm hospitality, relaxed and friendly guidance as well as an honest deal. 

Steve and Anthony work over the winter every year to ensure the boats you hire are all surveyed, painted, safety checked and fully equipped for the season. 

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